• Jones Hovercraft Splitboard Preview
  • …I’m back!
  • climbing photos: blue skies and happy faces
  • reel rock tour 7 review

    Last night I got the privilege to see the premier of this year’s Reel Rock Film Tour. For those of you who don’t know this […]

  • Jones Hovercraft Splitboard Preview

    Jones Hovercraft Splitboard Preview

    After over two months of waiting (past the originally scheduled ship date), I’m happy to say I have finally received my Jones Hovercraft Splitboard! Unfortunately […]

  • …I’m back!

    …I’m back!

    I’m back! More or less… back to attempting to update this blog on a semi-regular basis. I’ve got a new job at Pivotal Labs, and […]

  • How I became a web developer

    When I was 6 or 7 years old, my Grandparents bought me the most awesome gift ever… a NES. This set me down a path […]

  • is this thing still on?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much time these days to blog here. But! If you’re still interested in what I’m up to you can follow my […]

  • github and submodule weirdness

    github and submodule weirdness

    So I’m not a git or github master by any means. For the most part, I know enough commands to get by and to get […]

  • photography portfolio

    I’m happy to present to the world, my own photography portfolio site! http://benjaminsmithphotography.com/ Photography has been a hobby of mine for awhile, and I have […]

  • the clymb: a new outdoor gear deal site

    The only thing I love about buying new (or used!) gear is getting a smoking deal on said gear. I also love getting the latest […]

  • unemployeed… r.i.p. openrain

    Today I awoke and got up at my normal hour, but I won’t be driving into the office today. The company I work for, OpenRain, […]

  • flickr gadget for google wave

    So I got an invite to Google Wave last week. It was pretty fun to play around with the latest and greatest toy from google, […]